A Word About Motivation

16 Dec

So, I’ve hit the point in my novel where I am trudging through the middle and just praying that some how, some way I can get through it.  By this point the initial “THIS IDEA IS AMAZING ITS THE BEST ONE EVER! I WILL NEVER WANT TO QUIT WRITING THIS! THIS IS MY MASTER PIECE!” is gone.

By the end of the first 10,000 words you begin to realize what you’ve created. Frankenstein. A big, ugly, uncoordinated, badly constructed, mismatched, dog patch beast that is laying on the table only half finished. And all you can think is: what in the world have I done? At times you think it’s so bad you might just end its miserable life and clear up some disk drive space.

My friends this is the point where all motivation ceases to exist and the only thing that keeps you going is the fact that you have invested 20,000 words and countless hours into this manuscript.

So today since I am majorly lacking motivation to finish “Untitled”, I figured I would spend a few moments talking about this lack of motivation and how you can push through it and finish your piece. And since I love lists here is the list of ways I have come up with to push through the middle of things:

1. Remember that all first drafts are terrible dog patch Frankenstein’s. I have never met and never heard of a writer whose first draft was a perfect sparkly masterpiece. Everyone one of them goes through numerous drafts. As one of my favorite authors (and New York Times bestseller) said: I don’t fart glitter and unicorns. My words don’t come out of the faucet perfect. Even when I can write line to line in a way that looks pretty darn good, the overall themes and characterization and pacing always need help to be their best. ~Maggie Stiefvater

2. Spice it up and do something weird. This means you need to find something that will excite you about your novel again. Make a play list, if you don’t already have one, if you do add new songs. Draw out your characters if your artsy or implement something new and weird into your writing routine. Like letting yourself have a marshmallow for every 500 words you write.  Do what ever you have to. I use the playlist, and have also had some fun killing off my protagonist when I get frustrated and then deleting the bit and starting back where I was. Do what ever will inspire you!

3. Remember that you do not have to write in chronological order. If the middle of your book is getting to be a drag skip to the end and write the climax, or even the epilogue. Or if you have a particular scene in mind right that. It’s okay to skip things and come back to them later.

You have to keep your motivation up so your book doesn’t become just another abandoned idea, don’t let the plot bunnies get to you, because they are malicious little beasts, and remember you can always clean up your Frankenstein in editing. Airbrushing is a life savoir! What do you guys do to keep up your motivation?  I could use the input!


One Response to “A Word About Motivation”

  1. thewatersedgecarrie December 18, 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    😀 so ture dear:D so very true:)

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