Do You Want some Epic with that Fail?

18 Dec

I belong to this great writing site called, and I posted a flash fiction blurb up on the site to get some feed back, so far I’ve gotten six critiques. Then I read them. I’m not even going to lie here, I was so proud of my little flash fiction, it was a first draft and I thought it was epic. Then I  had someone else read it and they showed me all the little problems in it.

So today’s blog post is about writers perception of failure and how to deal with it.

Anyway, like I was saying, now that I had the piece critiqued I see all the little things that need to be fixed. At first I was like… Wow Alex major fail! Why didn’t you do two drafts before submission? But then about an hour later I was reading Maggie Stiefvater blog words on words (you should defiantly check out her blog it is AMAZING) and stumbled across a post about growing as a writer. And I remembered that that was the reason I had posted the thing in the first place, to grow. Failure or what we can view as “Failure” is what helps us grow and learn. Learning to deal with this and change what we view as something negative to something positive in our perception can be difficult, because we then have to perceive criticism as something we need, and have to open ourselves up to it. This can be hard, because we naturally want to shield ourselves from things that can hurt us, or put us down.

The important thing is to view everything as practice. Even an entire novel. My current novel, I doubt it will ever be published, but I continue to write it because it is good practice for future writing. It’s my learning novel. Practice, and while it doesn’t make perfect it certainly helps improve your writing.

What I mean is that when you receive criticism you should channel what can initially come off as negative to something positive. When you receive a crit. you should not automatically respond to a “negative” comment by doing a face slap and thinking: I failed, maybe I should buy myself some epic to go with my failure for Christmas! You should use the criticism to make the piece better and improve all our writing.

Any of you still want to do that face slap?


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