The Sweet Taste of Procrastinating

22 Dec

Along with my love for writing I also have a love for confections particularly of the cookie and chocolate variety, so as we speak I am baking delicious, moist, chewy, chocolaty brownies. My love of these things does not bode well on what my weight will be when my metabolism finally slows down…

But it does bode well for my writing since I have been a very bad girl and have not written anything as off Monday. It seems that delicious desserts always make me want to write. They are me motivation. To prove how true this is: the only reason I wrote this blog post was to have something to do so that I could reward myself for writing. And now when I decide that one brownie is not enough (Which even though I tell my self while they are baking that one is enough it will not be once I eat that one LOL) I will then have to write my novel’s next chapter in order to justify another brownie.

Yes it’s a horrible viscous cycle. Brownie, next chapter, bigger brownie, next chapter, rest of the pan, next chapter, “Hey where did all the brownies go?!” but hey it gets it done you know.

I suppose I am lucky because I may be a procrastinator of the worst kind, but I am also a fabulous brownie maker! So it all balances out. You want this brownie recipe of epic writing magic you say? Well to bad! Its mine! MINE! ALL MINES I TELL YOU! *Clutches brownie plate and hyperventilates*

Just Kidding, my brownie recipe will be shared once I have eaten the whole batch I am making right now. In other words I am procrastinating and saying never in a nice way.
So I am putting off my procrastinating for writing onto sharing my brownie recipe with you, so I suppose that is good for me and well… bad for your watering, malnourished, brownie empty mouths. Sorry.

Now I must be off to eat my brownies and write Tah Tah Darlings!


2 Responses to “The Sweet Taste of Procrastinating”

  1. thewatersedgecarrie December 22, 2010 at 11:40 pm #

    HAHAHA nice my friend!!!thanks for the laugh;) NOW i must go and make Brownies so that my writing will also take hold of me:P lol You do know that if we keep this up pretty soon we will be so fat and not be abile to do anything but roll off the chair:P lol that however is not going to stop me from eating more;) tata im off to brownie land;) lol

  2. nkeda14 December 23, 2010 at 2:44 am #

    HA I know it but it really does make me want to write and I have no idea why… LOL

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