Flash Fiction Fridays #1

25 Dec

Yes yes I know it is not friday! I just am a little late on posting this. If it makes you feel a little better I do feel guilty.. sort of. 😀

                In just the right light blood looks black. On that night in December, a brisk wind catching snow in Lea’s hair as the parking lot spread out before her. The blood looked exactly like that, the cover of the dark sky making the blood look like fresh tar pooling on the pavement.

                Perhaps she wouldn’t even have noticed it if it weren’t for the simple fact that she’d been looking down as she walked past, pulling her leather gloves onto her numbing fingers as she walked toward her car. Hoping she hadn’t forgotten her keys in the small front office of the hospital.

                Then she’d seen it, the sheen of it like ink on the black top. She stopped. The sudden familiar smell of rust rising up from it. She glanced around hoping not to find a body bag or a set of bloody tracks. The only thing she was confronted with being a heavy gust of wind sending her coat flying back behind her like a hot air balloon and tousling the curls around her face.

                She glanced behind her seeing the lights of the hospital glowing, a warm kind of comfort. As the snow pricked at her cheeks.

                She looked back down at the ground, and stumbled back, at the sight. Suddenly in front of her, lay a girl her body rocked with spasms. Her white hair coiled in the pooling blood.

                “Help me sister… help us all.” Lea stumbled back another few steps as the girl slowly reached out toward her. Startled, her heart hammering under heavy layers of clothes that had suddenly become too hot she sprinted back toward the hospital, not knowing what the girl meant, but reacting on the training they had been give in the hospital.

                “Help, Medic!” she called. And as she turned her head to glance back at the girl, she stopped dead. The girl was gone.  

Hope you enjoyed it!


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