New Years Resolutions (AKA The Best Thing You Can Do.)

26 Dec

It is that time of year again people! Christmas has passed, and we are just counting down the days until new years. This is one of my favorite times of the year. The end and the beginning. My favorite part? New Years Resolutions. GASP! You may say. She is crazy, New Years Resolutions? No one actually sticks to those. Well, I do.

To clear this up let me start by saying that I am a very goal oriented person. I like to have a focus something that tells me where I’m going but not how to get there because I am fiercely independent like that. I guess I view New Year’s resolutions as an opportunity to shape my future. If I follow through. Which I do. I think the reason a lot of people don’t succeed is because they make goals that are broad like “get healthy”. What does that mean? How do you know when you are healthy? When can you justify crossing that off your list? So, I like to make mine specific, with a goal that is in reach, but I still have to push myself to do.

Another reason I believe resolutions fail is the simple fact that people make goals they can’t cross off until December 31. Like “do fifteen crunches everyday”. Personally I like to see the process of my resolutions being accomplished through out the year. I like being able to take my jumbo sharpie and swipe off one every few months. Makes me feel like I’ve done something.

At this point you’re probably all burning with curiosity to see what my resolutions are (or maybe not, but it doesn’t matter I’m telling you them anyway) so here you go:

1. Finish Manuscript

2. Dissect a novel and take notes.

3. Blog at least once a week

4. fill up sketchbook

5. Get all A’s second quarter

6. Do a painting/drawing and give it to someone

7. Save $150 or more for Florida

8. Read a Charles Dickens novel

9. Come up with title for Manuscript

10. Bake a cake from scratch with strawberries in it & eat it

So, as you can see a few of these revolve around my novel which I am praying will be done in the next few months, but who knows, maybe I’ll slave away at this thing for fifteen years and die with out it being published.

SHUT UP inner saboteur

*Sighs* What do you guys think about New Years Resolutions? What are yours for this year?


4 Responses to “New Years Resolutions (AKA The Best Thing You Can Do.)”

  1. Danniel January 7, 2011 at 3:10 am #

    I wish you luck, especially on reading the Charles Dickens Novel. I think I’ve tried twice and I’m not really a fan.

    Last year I wrote about my resolutions and I didn’t complete any of them, this year I didn’t write them down but I have them in my head and I try to keep them in the forefront of mind because they’re big things and I kind of want this year to be big for me, because the first 23 years of my life I haven’t done much. I probably won’t succeed on many of my goals, but for me that’s not the point. I’ve never been a big fan of how much a person can get accomplished. I’m more interested in how much they try.

    • nkeda14 January 8, 2011 at 1:30 am #

      Trying is really the most important aspect, but for me personally if there are no goals nothing ever gets done! Like I said, I need focus to complete things. But, as with most things there are other methods that work for other kinds of people.

  2. bananaheart January 8, 2011 at 12:58 am #

    I really like your blog. I too am a writer, I do a creative writing course at uni but I still don’t have the self confidence to call myself a writer.
    New Years Resolutions are hard, I keep weekly resolutions and goals but I make them realistic, if they are too hard I will feel like a failure.

    I want to read a Charlie Dickens book as well! But I started reading Great Expectations and it was too depressing for me to keep reading. I’m sure if it was on my set book list I would read it but self motivation is not very high.

    Good luck with your goals!

    • nkeda14 January 8, 2011 at 1:33 am #

      Thanks! I really am excited about giving Dickens another try, I had the same problem with Great Expectations as you. This time I think I might try A Tale of Two Cities. I am so glad you are enjoying the blog every reader is appreciated 😀 Hope you make 2011 great and find the courage to say “I am a writer!”

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