Flash Fiction Fridays #3

8 Jan

Here is Flash Fiction for this week! Yeah three in a row! Enjoy:

When I was little I’d going walking in the thicket behind my house. I use to love it. The way the wind rustled in the star shaped maple leaves, the vines that curled around my muddy My Little Pony sneakers. The cartoon horse eyes winking up at me in the sunshine.

I was sitting in the dirt under my tree one day, rubbing my hands in the dirt, the cool soil caking on them. When I saw it, the thin string of silver cutting across my vision, like a little ray of silver sunshine strung between me and the air. I followed it with my eyes, gazing up at the fork in the branches and finding the intricate weavings of a spider web. The silver strings clung lazily to each other. The wind brushed against my cheek whistled against the trees and sent the grass rustling.

At first I thought it was the wind that made it move, the web I mean. The shiver of movement like a ghost plucking the webs threads like harp strings, soundless, ghost harp strings. But when I looked closer I saw the butterfly, its wings beating rapidly, silk fans striking steal cords. It wrestled with the web only entangling itself farther into its wires.

I gasped, the silk wings folding in on their selves, creasing…crumpling. I stood there a helpless seven year old without a clue of what to do. Then the spider came. Black legs plucking its web’s silver threads with expert grace as it traipsed across to the butterfly, and wrapped its spindles around its wings. I watched in horror as it sunk its fangs deep into the golden belly of the butterfly and its creasing wings stopped there flapping like stillness after a storm.

Standing here, at this party, the music pounding into my ear drums, the hot bodies pressing in on me, I stare at Erica and the boy. The dark haired boy, with the butterfly girl in his arms. Crushing her, crumpling her… killing her.

PS: I am looking for writers who want to do a guest post if you are interested leave a comment or go to the Copy Right page above^ and use the email to contact me there. Thanks for reading!


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