“Your Character’s Happiness is Only a Song Away.”

9 Jan

Okay special edition here people! Extra! Extra! And all that jazz, because today I am going to be using my brand new computer on screen picture taker-er thing (haha) for today’s blog post! Today I will be using said computer camera for taking pictures for the “Playlist, Music, & Mood” post.

Today I wanted to discuss the controversies of writing with or with out music and how to write with music if you aren’t already.

Tunes or Not to Tunes

Many people say that they can not write with music that it is a distraction and they can not focus, and I get that sure, if you are a little ADD and can’t focus when other people or things are making noise right on ya’ mate! Keep doing what you’re doing. FOCUS, do what you have to, but I think a lot of people just say this because they aren’t organized enough to take advantage of using music without mucking it up. A lot of us just end up flicking through songs instead of writing and yeah that’s a problem, but I have some solutions.

Playlists & Distraction Elimination

One way to eliminate some of the distraction and make music a viable

My Numerous Playlists

 option for your writing is making playlists. Having the music you’re going to listen to set up ahead of time is super important, as it cuts down on the song searching and time wasting. You can make playlist in nearly every music playing program (Personally I use Windows Media player though I also have Napster, ITunes, and Music Match Jukebox) If  you don’t have any of these programs or simply don’t want to invest in the songs to put into these programs there is a great online playlist maker called http://www.playlist.com. This Site allows you to search songs and keep separate playlist. It’s super easy to use and helps encourage organization (and the best part is it is free, and far less distracting than you tube!)

Another way to eliminate distractions is to shrink your player into

Note the "Mini Mode" on my Word Doc.

what I call “Mini Mode” which you can see here –>

This keeps you from searching and flipping through songs but allows you to quickly flip through to the song on the playlist you want. If having the mini mode on top of your screen bugs you than get rid of all the fancy video and in windows media players’ case flashy alchemy. I always select the album cover for what shows

Album Cover: "Middle Class Rut"

when playing so I don’t somehow become transfixed by the colorful swirls. 😀

Why You Should Try to Use Music

Music is a driving force in almost every movie and play. There is a reason. Music effects the emotions, sometimes (most of the time really) we don’t even notice the music playing in the background (unless you’re a complete music freak like me and are always listening for a good song). We don’t even realize how the music effects us until we take it away. That creepy scene in silence of the Lambs where Clarice sees Dr. Lector for the first time, for instance, wouldn’t have been as suspenseful without the dramatic drum beats in the back ground. Didn’t even notice that did you?

So, it stands to reason that if you listen to music while you write something you are going to transfer the emotion of the music you’re listening to into your writing. Try writing a death scene to “I’m Walking On Sunshine” and see how well that works out for you eh?  On the flip side if you write that scene to 9 Crimes by Damien Rice you will have a totally different effect. Get where I’m coming from?

Remember the fairy godmother in Shrek saying “Happiness is only a tear drop away!”?

Well in my case it’s more like “Your character’s happiness is only a song away.” 

Get me? I hope I have put this together in some semblance of rationality. My next post will be on my current playlist if any of you are interested, and will not include as many pictures as this one since I think those who still have dial up would about kill me. Sorry Dial up readers!


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