Books to Read in 2011 ~ PART I

15 Jan

In order to be a good writer you have to study. Specifically the writing of others (i.e. you have to read). So, today I have decided to start making a list of my top books to learn from in 2010, and share with you why (if you have not already read them) you should read them. These are in no particular order, but here are my first three:

Incarceron~ Catherine Fisher

What you learn:

Fisher created a rich and tangible world. If you want a lesson on world creation then pick this up. The original “metal” world that Catherine has created is amazing and its hidden secrets are gripping!  Taking time to look back at the scenery I realize how much craft went into it. The first time I read it I devoured it far to fast, but I now see how amazing the world just in and of itself was! Look at this if you need some world creation tips!

Another thing you can learn from this book would be that of an “abstract villain” a villain that isn’t really tangible. In the book Finn (the main character) is in a “self-sustaining” prison that has become “self aware” a sort of, prison break, meets terminator, meets pride and prejudice.

The duel narration which quiet frankly I often find annoying in novels is beautifully executed! This is a real lesson on when and when not to use duel narration in a manuscript, and even inspired me to give dual narration a try in my current WIP!

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Stolen ~ Lucy Christopher

What you’ll learn:

The art of inner dialogue, (AKA monologue) and the balance of said monologue with action. Lucy did a great job with this considering the entire plot of the book is based upon the changes in physc that her protagonist under goes.

Since Gemma (the protagnist) is kidnapped she becomes very introverted and conversing with her “captor” Ty is not very appealing as you can imagine. I usually find too much inner dialogue boring, and stepping back and looking at the shear amount of it is startling in this book. Though, I hadn’t noticed it at first because Christopher’s ability to weave monologue into present action is positively astounding! If you want a book that will keep you on your toes while teaching you how to execute the inner thoughts of your protagonist check this one out!

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Fire ~ Kristin Cashore

What you’ll learn:

How to create stunning scenery and fiery romance!  (Forgive the Pun) Now this is the “prequel” to her first release called Graceling, and I have read both, but I much prefer Fire to its predecessor. Cashore really did a stunning job of putting her readers right smack dab in the middle of her world. This is Fantasy at its finest!

The world she paints is extremely vivid, and entirely of its own, but the most striking part of this book is not the world, it’s the romance! Catherine perfectly describes the struggles of a sort of “outcast” in finding those to trust, and her romantic tension is perfectly pliable in every scene. Fire’s struggle to come to terms with love is heart wrenching and rich with tear jerking moments! 

I love this book for so many more reasons than just the scenery and romance, and it’s all and all a great read for anyone who writes fantasy. It, if you are wondering, was my favorite book of 2010!

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I hope you get a chance to read these! I’ll be posting part two soon! Did you guys find any books that “fed” you and helped you grow as a writer this year?


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