Flash Fiction Friday’s #4

21 Jan

 Well I suppose the title says it all, Enjoy!

            There it was again. I pause staring through the dust motes that swirl in front of the music stores windows. Perched on the cement ledge sits a raven. Its Black eyes straining against the glass. Damn thing, It squawks again a muted migraine waiting to happen between me and the glass. It’s been sitting there for the past hour staring blankly into the old store front squeaking into the glass like a broken recorded. I glance back into the storage room, Mr. Sylvanias forty five was back there… I smile at the thought. Imaging the burst of shattering glass and the poof of feathers when I’d pull the trigger. I pause from stacking the music booklets. Staring down at the bird, its glossy eyes creepily on target with mine.

            “Get back to work Sage” Justin says coming out of the back room with a couple of old acoustics. The bird wasn’t the only thing I’d be willing to aim that forty five at. I roll my eyes.

            “Whatever.” I say giving the bird one more hard look as I continue stacking music sheets onto the shelves. I straighten an album as I collapse the box that I’d been pulling the booklets out of.  Justin gives me a side long glance. I growl builds in the back of my throat. Freaking pervert. I couldn’t wait until Mr. Sylvania was back. He was really the only one I could stand in this shop. His son, on the other hand, that was a different story. Justin had had the hot’s for me the moment I walked into the small music store on Queens and he’d made his intentions clear. Smiling that sick slow smile, like honey filled with flies.

            His father would normally be the one in on Friday’s but Mr. Sylvania had come down with the flu so that left me in a confined space with his creepier son for the next four hours, and the Raven. I glance out the window, startled to find it had disappeared.

            I brush back my choppy bangs the hard line across my forehead itching.

            “You know babe,” Justin begins “You’d be so much sexier if you ditched the attitude.”

            I glare at him, “Tell it to someone who cares.” I snap stamping down on the cardboard in the trash can much harder than necessary.

            He smiles slowly, “For you though… I could make an exception.”

            I open my mouth to say something when the bell jingles on the door; Christy walks in, her company t shirt proudly proclaiming Sylvania Music Shop, blonde hair pulled back in a bun.

            “Hey Sage, just came to releave you.” Her snappy blue eyes sparkling up at Justin. Her adoration for him, I’d never understood, but at least it got me out of here. I grab my messenger bag and keys not bothering to address Christy who was already ogling up at Justin.

            “Bye Sweets!” Justin’s annoying call comes over my shoulder. I clutch the metal handle and step out into the streets. The sky gray over head, refracted into the thousands of windows of the distant sky scrapers.

            I stare up into the sky as I walk along the cracking sidewalk. Then I hear it, the penetrating squawk of the Raven. I whip my head around to find it staring down at me form above.  Its dark wing span spread over my head like a shady halo. I grimace; apparently I’d be walking home to its ever so pleasant calls.


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