Musing on Strawberry Ice-cream

22 Jan

I use to hate strawberry ice-cream. Actually I think I’ve only ever known one kid under the age of ten who said that was their favorite.

I remember one day in second grade we did a ven-diagram of our favorite ice-cream flavor. There were three choices, Vanilla Chocolate, and Strawberry. Of course, like more than half the class I choose chocolate. A few choose plain vanilla, but only one chose strawberry.

Why? I mean obviously my thoughts on the matter changed. Actually I just finished a cup of strawberry ice not ten minutes ago. Now I hate plain chocolate ice-cream, and adore plain vanilla.

But now  I love strawberry most of all.

Why did this happen you ask? Plain and simple our tastes changed. We developed a liking for things previously viewed as terrible.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, today after contemplating many a food related metaphor. I stumbled upon this thought:

Very few people start out knowing what they are doing when it comes to writing. The majority is just doing it because they know they love to read and want to create the same experience themselves.

Then there are the luck few (the strawberry people) who have a natural knack for it. There’s far less they have to develop in the “skill area” of writing. They can simply start writing and know exactly where they are going and how to deliver all the things we find so appealing in a book.

(The X factors that most of us have to study to understand come to them in a snap)

I’m talking Stephan King/Shakespeare league here people.

So why am I sitting her pointing out that we are but armatures in the shadows of these people?

Because, I am very soon embarking on a task that will hopefully help take me closer to “strawberry status”.

Don’t laugh, I am dead serious. What is this task? Novel dissection! YIPIEEE!

Yeah, I know we went from talking about delicious frozen treats, to eighth grade science class. (I’ll spare the gory details because I don’t want to relive that.) But, luckily there are no cold dead amphibians involved! 😀

So, I’ve decided to make February Novel Dissection Month! Beginning on the Fifteenth (hopefully) I will be beginning to mercilessly tear apart a novel like the Tasmanian devil. (That’s my dream you know? To be Taz. Just Kidding???)

The Point:

I’ll be posting my discovers right here with freakish detail and witty comments. I’m hoping this will help me understand the “bones” of a novel and get me ready for my second draft. O.O did I mention I am almost done with my first draft? Okay not almost done, but close to 70% done. It counts I tell you!

Anyway, all that’s left now is to decide which novel I’ll be tearing apart. My books have no idea what they are in for. Poor darlings, not knowing which one will be chosen. HAHA.

I’ll be deciding this week so I defiantly think if you’re reading this that you should come back next week at this time and take a peek.  😀



3 Responses to “Musing on Strawberry Ice-cream”

  1. wovenstrands January 30, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    That’s so crazy I’ve decided to dissect a Novel myself after I’m done with the book i’m reading “Spells by Aprilynne Pike” which I’ll be posting a review about soon.
    Like you I haven’t decided which book I’ll preform my little study on but I think I have some in mind.
    Good Luck, looking fwd to your posts.

    • nkeda14 January 30, 2011 at 7:35 pm #

      HAHA small world huh?
      I’ll have to read your post about it, maybe we could collaborate?


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