Plotting is Da Debil Ya Hear?!

26 Jan

To get you into my current state of mind please press play:

Yes, this is true (but not my problem) my problem is plotting. I’ve been sick the last couple of days and have been expending most off my energy thinking about my book. Or lack there off, because it does not completely exist anywhere but in my head yet, kind of like unicorns and edible money (yes eatable money! Very useful for bank hists and fraud. Make it disappear! EWWWW AHHHH. Of course then all your money is gone too…?).

Anyway, I realized while I was exploring the role of invalid that my plot is evaporating faster than spring water in the Mohave. I have come to my last plotted point in my writing.

I have no idea where I’m going and need to get on it so that I can meet my dead line (personal deadline, but still a deadline) *shrugs* and my plot is tormenting me. Why can’t it all come into my head at the same time, picking up the pieces will be a head ache in editing… Yikes, I already feel the migraine coming on…

And that is why plottin’ is the Debil (today)!


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