Why I AM a Writer

29 Jan


I didn’t use to call myself that, I mean a writer. Why would I? I was and still am a physcotic blonde running around with a notepad and pen. Just jotting down the pure insanity that’s in my head. Just letting out what I think.  I am just writing, I would say. I am not a writer.

I don’t know why we are so scared of that term. Scared to jump out on the ledge and tell all the people down below what we are. I guess it sort of commits us. Forces us to do what we are already doing, and maybe some of us, most of us, don’t want that pressure. The weight of what we imagine will be a thousand whispers of our friends and family.

She’s off her nut, a writer? Really? She’ll never amount to anything more the sagging news print!

Poor dear she thinks she can write.

What Rubbish is that daughter/son/niece/wife/husband of yours spewing again? Write? Hmpp!

But I learned to stop being scared of that. I am what I am. And I want to be a writer honestly, openly want to have my name on the cover of a book one day. I realized I wanted this for a reason I never thought I would. I want to effect change.

That is why I am a writer.

Writers change people. Every word they script, every sentence they bleed, they touch someone somewhere. They change people. They change themselves too. Words effect change.

I want to do that. Touch people I’ll never know or meet or know I’ve changed. But to have that opportunity…

It’s priceless, and it has no words.

That’s why I’m a writer. Or at least that’s my romanticized version of why I am a writer.

Why we all are, because we are people with ideas with a voice that refuses to be silenced (also known as loud mouths) so we write. We write to make people think.

No matter what you’re writing. Today say I am a writer and be proud. You are changing the world friends.

PS: If you wondering what inspired this post I have two words for you Lauren Oliver. Her book Before I Fall is a perfect example of why we write.


2 Responses to “Why I AM a Writer”

  1. wovenstrands January 30, 2011 at 1:21 am #

    Hey girl, I agree, I am afraid to call myself a writer or a poet and I’ve been writing poetry since 2004 “hibstika.wordpress.com”. When it comes down to it what qualifies a person to be titled a writer? Having a degree in English? Or Having a book published? or is it the ability to express one’s self in words that touch others on a different level?
    Anyways thanks for answering my Yahoo question 😉 and I did subscribe to your blog. Keep it up 😉

    • nkeda14 January 30, 2011 at 2:02 am #

      Your welcome thanks for your readership and I hope you find the courage to say I am a writer.

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