Updates & Announcements and What I’m up To Pages?

1 Feb

Okay so I’m totally wasting my time right now to post this little bit about me adding an Updates and Announcements page.

 It serves no real purpose other than to make me feel like I actually achieved some writing today. Oh and it also kind of informs you that at the top of my blog ^ I will be adding an Updates and or Announcements Page. So that you all can keep up with what’s going on with the site easily. And get a snap shot of what’s going on if you don’t feel like reading my ramblings just to find out what my next post or project is. It will also have info on when I will be accepting guest post writers, and contest contestants. Is that a word? Yes… yes it is. If not oh well.

So…. Yeah that is what’s going on. Hopefully you will check it out when it’s up. Yes? You will?

OH MY! THANK Y’ALL *I say that with a southern drawl*

(O.O rhymes too!!! I’m on a roll!)

I’m also thinking I will have a “what I’m up to” page that will replace the WIP page, or, well, add to it at least. I’ll probably be putting what I’m reading, writing, and just generally up to in my life. If any of you find that interesting in the least bit.

I’ll try to keep both these new pages updated consistently. TRY TO being the key words. If I get behind you all can yell at me. I won’t get mad. Just go up to the “find me” page click my email and rant and yell until I get on it.

Which brings me to another quick thing that has nothing to do with writing or is even semi-useful to any writers who read this; If any of you want a specific post done or a crit or anything like that, feel free to email me. I swear you won’t crash my server as I use that email solely for my blog. If you do email please use a specific subject line as I get some highly suspect emails from some word pressers that I think are just spamming. I WILL ONLY ANSWER EMAILS WITH A SUBJECT LINE.

Thank you for you kind consideration of the above.


PS: If I have not answered an email it may be because I thought it was spam. Please re-send with a specific subject line. I really do want to hear from you guys!


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