Those Who Shape Us Guide Our Pen

13 Feb

I always use to think I was simply me.

Just a random cosmic collision of thought, appearance, and skills. Then one day, I’m not sure what day really, I got to thinking that we aren’t precisely formed by ourselves. We aren’t just a random mash up of chances. We are shaped by those around us.

Which, in this random musing, one of many I might add.

(I mean what else do you expect me to do in my classes other than muse on the universe?!)

I began to think that the things we experience and the people who’ve made us who we are shape our writing too.

So today’s post is going to be about those who “guide our pen”.

The person who has shaped my writing most to date is definitely my Dad.  He’s one of those people who see the world as it is. No excuses. No sugar coating. No judgments. (Okay, so he does bring a “wee” bit of judgment into things Hehe).

His blunt, or in someone else’s view of the world “honest”, opinion of things has been invaluable to me.

Seeing things (and people for that matter) as they truly are is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give you.  My dad sees things as they are. He has taught me to do this, and that has led me to so much more depth in my writing. Understanding the world, and people around me has not only made me a better writer, but a better and more capable person. My Father taught me how to handle myself.

Along with my Father’s invaluable “realist eye” he’s also given me priceless support. Though we may joke around about my endless typing, and crazy writing habits, in the end he’s always told me one thing.

Do what you love. Go after it hard enough and you will achieve whatever you set out to do.

And he hasn’t just said this. He has done it himself. He wanted to start a business of his own, travel the world, meet people. He has done it. In fact he’s half way across the world right now doing just that, on a business trip.

So what I’m saying here. Is we should, if we have a choice, surround ourselves with those who will guide our pen in the right direction.

I’ve been lucky enough to have very supportive and open parents. Who allow me to explore the world as I see fit, and have my own views, while giving me there’s. Others are not so lucky. Find someone, who is willing to support you and open up new doors and ideas. This will benefit not only your writing, but will help you to be a better, better rounded person.

So, I have one question who has shaped your writing, and how?

PS: sorry about the slow down on posting, Track practice has been killer. I’ll try to keep up! (In both aspects LOL)


4 Responses to “Those Who Shape Us Guide Our Pen”

  1. Liz Hellebuyck February 13, 2011 at 2:48 am #

    Not sure. It is interesting for me to think about, but I cannot come up with just one for writing. Maybe my 6th grade teacher. He was great at encouraging imagination.

    • nkeda14 February 13, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

      There are a lot of people who effect us I think…

      Teachers of course. Though, for me it would have to be my eighth grade english teacher, she was so great and inspiring!

  2. wovenstrands February 13, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    The people who’ve inspired and shaped my writing are my friends. Their lives have been so interesting, it’s crazy. They’re a source of inspiration and support. I’m blessed to have them in my life ❤

    • nkeda14 February 13, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

      Its always nice to have inspiration around! 😀

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