I’d Like To Think That Writing Has A Color.

24 Feb

I’m not sure where it comes from. The writing, you know? I mean we all write differently. We all have voice, and style, and certain words that don’t feel right in our mouths, but coming out of others are perfectly fine.

Voice is tricky. I still don’t know how it gets there, or why mine is like it is. Or why yours is like it is, or anything like that. I don’t think its something that you can just figure out and say *snap* her/his writing voice is XYZ and it’s because of LMNOP.

I’ve always thought of voice as something kind of intangible and abstract like color. I’d like to think writing has a color. Yours may be lime green, and his maybe olive-green. But in the end no two are exactly the same shade. everyone’s voice varys and is their own.

I’d like to say that it has something to do with the deeper meaning of things that our voice originates from somewhere deep within us, and is just an echo of the sound that is inside of us. We just have to keep editing, to get it as clear as possible, though it’s never as pure as the original song.

As a “visual” person I seem to process things better when colors, or pictures are involved so maybe that’s why I feel so strongly about the whole “every writer has a color” thing.

Or I could just be crazy. Both are possible.

Personally I think our favorite color tells a lot about us, just as our writing voice does.

For instance My favorite color is Oceanic Blue, or I guess some would call it aqua. Ha but as you know I have to over complicate and romatascize things.

It’s the ice blue of stars, the consistency of the crashing waves, the clear endlessness of a sky on a summer day. One that’s so open and wide you swear that if you stared at it long enough that everything else would fall away in its presence leaving just your soul and that sky.

I hate to be over dramatic here. But I think that’s how a writers voice is.

There is always something behind it.

Something deeper.

 Something colorful


4 Responses to “I’d Like To Think That Writing Has A Color.”

  1. wovenstrands February 24, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    Ohhh, you really touched me with this post. I know it’s so simple, but for some reason it brought some things into perspective. My favorite color is red what do you think that says about my writing voice?

    • nkeda14 February 25, 2011 at 4:43 am #

      HMMM well I know everyone views colors and their symbolism differently but for me red, would connotate passion, and depth. Maybe a bit of angst? haha

      Red is completly unpredictable. Reminds me of lava boiling beneath the earths crust… completely unpredictable, but powerful.

  2. wovenstrands February 25, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    humm, good to know! maybe that explains my flash fiction content. hehe


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