Time, An Oxymoron

12 Mar

The Funny thing about time is that it may never stop, but there’s never enough of it.

Never enough time to write

Or plot

Or edit

Or blog

Or have any manner of a “social life”

Whatever that is…. Ha-ha

I’m just sitting here wondering where it all goes. I mean one second you have a full twelve hours to get it all done, and then two brownies, five phone conversions, one re-read chapter, and three episodes of “The Real House Wives of Orange County later.” and then, snap Its gone

So in honor of my “timelessness” today’s post is about just that finding time to write. Lord only knows there isn’t enough of said time to do it, but somehow that darn James Patterson has another novel flying onto the shelves just three months after his last release.

And you…well; you have less than a chapter written of a second draft.

I think the problem is that people don’t keep their schedule full enough.

I know your probably all scratching your heads like “what is this chick talking about? Didn’t she just say we are too busy to write as it is?”

Uhh NO I did not say that. I said there’s never enough time to write, and that is a completely different situation than “I’m too busy to write” which, let me tell you, is a total lie.

(And, if you’re walking around telling yourself that, stop kidding yourself and either quit writing or get to it.)

There is always time to write, we just waste it.

I suppose you expect me to start spouting off ways to “clear time” in your “busy schedule” and how “writers with 29 kids find the time so can you!

Uhh… no.

 Sorry, but all those nice little writing books lined up on your shelves aren’t helping you out with “finding the time” by giving you schedule clearing tactics, because if your being honest with yourself you know that you do have the time, tons of it, loads of it, for some of us so much we could bath in it and still have some left over.

What I’m saying is we do have the time; it’s just taken up by the biggest thing in all our lives “nothing”.

Here she goes again! You say, some psychotic rant that makes no sense

But its true gosh darn it! The “nothing” I’m speaking of is what I mentioned in the outset “chatting it up with people on the phone, re reading novel chapters, because you simply can’t begin until you’ve re-read your last chapter! And god forbid you miss the next episode of Real House Wives”

Really people, if these things, or things like this, are what your doing during the day can you honestly say, your  busy? Can you honestly say that in the long run finding out whether Georgia’s second cousin is her next lover (or whatever goes on in those shows) is really important? That it really isn’t nothing?

That brings us back to my earlier point, in order to make time for writing; you have to keep your schedule full, keep moving, and keep busy.

You see if the “nothing” takes up the first eight hours of your day you’ll spend the last three or four accomplishing what your suppose to, house work, homework, or whatever it is that demands your attention.

Keeping moving and busy, makes sure that you get everything you “need” done, and thus, by the end of the day, you have no excuse, none what so ever, as to why you can’t write.

And even if you, by some stretch of the imagination, still don’t find the time to write…

At least, you can say that you didn’t waste an entire day of your life glued to the picture box eating brownies. Right?

So there it is folks, the best way to clear your schedule for writing is to fill it up.

Yeah, I’m full of oxymoron’s like that.


2 Responses to “Time, An Oxymoron”

  1. wovenstrands March 12, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    I was thinking today about cresting a schedule like each hour of the day what to do. Sorta like school 🙂

    • nkeda14 March 12, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

      Yeah organization is key. O and im putting together your guest post as we speak. I should have it for you Sunday.

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