Ally Got an Award? Holy Cheese Wiz!

24 Mar

Yes its true Novel Ideas has earned its first award! *HAPPY DANCE*

So here it is The Memetastic Blog award:


Its amazingly cute right? I mean THE CUTEST of THE CUTE? tehe

I’d like to thank Juan over at These Immortal Words (an amazing writing blog if you were wondering) and i’d also like to tell you what i’ll do now that I have won this award:


haha JK Miss America is always good for a laugh though right? Sorry if any of you pageant kids are out their ready to send your personal snipers after me ( you do have a personal sniper right?) it’s all fun and games until someone gets snipped.

Anyway in all seriousness thank you and now to follow the rules of the Meme award here they are by the way:

  • You must proudly display the award in a post.
  • You must list 5 things about yourself and 4 of the 5 must be lies!
  • And you must then pass this prestigious award on, to 5 deserving bloggers
  • So to begin 5 things about me (only one is true):

    1. I actually participated in pageants as a child and used the above  remark to express my suppressed anger about the whole ordeal, and also to poke fun at myself!

    2. The first book I ever wrote was a historical fiction novel about a Horse named Miracle because I had a weird obsession with Miracle whip as a child.

    3.I despise people who use the phrase “that’s what she said!” I mean are we in eighth grade again people?

    4. I am extremely uncoordinated and thus things like gym class and tennis are totally NOT options for someone like myself.

    5.I am a Twi-hard and have an Edward Cullen poster hanging up in my room. I ❤ Meyer forever!

    So please vote on those in the comments! I really want to know what you all think. I’ll be putting up the answer on Sunday or Monday. 😀

    And the Final Part of my Memetastic post is the ceremony of  torch passing  (haha) so here it is my Memetastic award winners:

    1. Brigid Gorry Hines at My Life as a Teenage Novelist

    2. Hiba hosting Woven Strands

    3.Liz H. on Purgatory AKA editing

    4.Lucy on The Reading Date

    5. Regan Coomer on Thoughts on YA books for Not so Young Adults

    Thanks again, and you all enjoy your meme from me! haha


    5 Responses to “Ally Got an Award? Holy Cheese Wiz!”

    1. wovenstrands March 24, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

      Thank you so much, I’m honored. Since you look so much like Taylor, I’m guessing your also uncoordinated like her, so #4 is my guess. let me know which one the truth ;D

    2. HaleyWhitehall March 29, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

      Congratulations, Ally! I knew you’d get this award. You have a playful, educational blog. Just for the fun of it I’m guessing #3.

      • nkeda14 March 29, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

        😀 thanks!

        PS: i’ll be posting results for my question soon.


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    2. Truth Amongst Five « Woven Strands - April 7, 2011

      […] Last week I was honored to receive my first “Memestic Blog Award“. This honor was given to me by the aspiring teen writer Ally; who owns an amazing writing blog about her journey into becoming a butterfly Author, “Novel Ideas Life of a Teen Writer“. […]

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