It’s So Hard to Find Good Help These Days~ Finding Crit. Partners & Groups

2 Apr

This wasn't the kind of help I was thinking about...

I was thinking today about critique partners/groups today, and realized that I’ve never really talked about them. Sure, I’ve mentioned my AMAZING FREAKISHLY GOOD crit. Partner Carrie. But, I’ve never really talked about how you can get involved in crit. Relationships.

Funny, considering I’ve seen others talking about trying to find good crit partners or groups on the net all the time. Especially on wordpress. Even in my own subscription circle! So, today I’ll be starting a series about critique partners.

Today’s topic: how to find crit partners/groups. After all, “it’s so hard to find good help these days.”

This is something that I think baffles’ a lot of people. The actual process of finding a group or person to work with. It’s a huge task, and there is a lot of ground to cover.

Not only do you have your own circle of friends/family, but you have the internet! The internet is one vast place, let me tell you! So, where should you go? And how do you approach someone about a crit relationship.

Face to Face –

My crit relationship with Carrie is a face to face kind of relationship. Carolyn is not only one of my best friends but also my aunt. We ended up working together during NaNoWriMo. I mentioned something about trying to do a NaNo novel, and she jumped right on board. We did NaNo together, and we’ve been swapping ideas, and writing ever since.

Granted this situation was rather serendipitous, but looking within you own circle of  friends and family is a great way to find a critique partner. As these people are usually more readily available and easier to keep in contact with. (They also tend to put up with you better.)

Of course the negatives of having a friend or family member work with you need to be considered too. One of the most prominent ones is the fact that they love you.

People who care about you, and your feelings, tend to be overly kind toward your work. Having someone praise your work ALL the time is not necessarily a good thing. The whole point of having a critique partner is to “CRITIQUE” your work, and make it better. Just make sure that if you have a family member or close friend look at your work, that they will be honest, and give you the tough love that you need!

Internet Connections-

Along with Carolyn, I also participate in a group called The Write Net. (A small crit. Group composed of some wordpress writers.) Having feed back from a group can help you see the main problems with your writing, and decide whether certain crits to your writing are just personal taste or a real issue.

Finding people on the internet is a great way to expose yourself to criticism while making it less personal.

Finding people to work with is easier than ever! Try going to writing crit. Sites like or and meeting people in the forums and through short story critiques. Most people will be happy to at least give the relationship a shot!

You can also try reading other peoples writing blogs. Often times, those who are looking for writing partners or groups will mention something about it on their blog or site.

If you look for them, you’ll find them.

But how do you know if your partner is a good match? I’ll be posting the answer to this question in the next installment of what I’m naming “The Good Help Series”.

How have you guys found your crit. Groups or partners? Or are you looking for them?


4 Responses to “It’s So Hard to Find Good Help These Days~ Finding Crit. Partners & Groups”

  1. A. Stevens April 3, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    personally, critique partners are not something I agree with. Writing is subjective, of course, which means critiques are subjective too. No one has ever read a novel because it was like something they have read before.

    Does this make sense?

    • nkeda14 April 3, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

      I’m not sure what you mean by :

      “No one has ever read a novel because it was like something they have read before.”

      But, I get what you mean about critiques and such being subjective. But, I support them just for that reason. Sometimes you can be so wrapped up in your own story that you don’t catch big things that are missing (plot holes, something that you know but the reader doesn’t etc.). That is why you need feedback. Of course that is just my opinion.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. harmamae April 7, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

    Hmmm, nice advice. I’ve thought about finding a writing/critique partner, but I’ve never gone out to look for one (probably partly because I wouldn’t really know where to start). But I think they could be pretty useful, even if everyone’s opinions will be subjective…

    • nkeda14 April 7, 2011 at 8:15 pm #

      Yeah, I love my writing groups/partner. They are really helpful! Thanks for stopping by Novel Ideas 😀

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