Teasing Tuesdays + GMH blurb

5 Apr

Okay, due to popular demand, (and some slightly naggy emails lol 😀 ) I’ll be posting more of my fiction! Yeah right? XD

As it stands, I’ve only been doing FFF (Flash Fiction Fridays) and if you’ve been reading my blog for the last (oh I don’t know) month then you’ll realize there has been a distinct lack of “Fiction” of “Fridays”. So to switch it up a bit, I’ve decided to post a little blurb from my novel Guard My Heart. Enjoy!

            I had stopped kicking against the irons around my legs hours ago.  We were being taken to the palace, that meant one thing, Acheron. I glared down at my feet the dusty stone floors leaving tracks, as though our ghosts were already roaming the castle halls.

            The draft that wafted through the stone corridors was nothing short of chilling, the dampness wasn’t exactly helping either. I shivered, my black army boots, rather hard to get a hold of in the inner city had been confiscated along with my jacket, hat, and gloves. Anywhere we could hide a detonator had been searched and taken. Leaving my stripped down to my pants and a loose peasant top.

            I shivered as the guards pushed us forward toward barred doors. They pressed a button that sent the gate on the doors slowly rising to reveal chrome panels and bright white lights that shone down from the ceiling. I gasped staring up at the unnatural white light. These were things city kids only dreamed of getting there hands on. The tech of the palace was un parallel and I wasn’t about to deny the fact that under any other circumstance I would of totally snatched those panels, and probably some of the light fixtures, to pawn off on some stupid street urchin who wouldn’t have a clue how to work them.

            The room seemed to grow unsteady I gripped one of the walls as my organs seemed to float inside me. I felt sick. The guard yanked me aback into a standing position.  I glanced back at Jace and Deminee. There eyes cast down. Shame written all over their faces.

            Pathetic, I thought, their last moments will be spent drowning in self-pity.

~Excerpt from Chapter Four of  Guard My Heart

(c) Alexandra Sestito 2011 -2012

Please forgive any errors, this is part of a first draft so… well, you know how it goes right? 😀 Thanks for reading!




2 Responses to “Teasing Tuesdays + GMH blurb”

  1. juanvillagrana April 5, 2011 at 11:15 pm #

    Not to be a total cliche-spewer, but I totally loved this! LOL I definitely want to see more now!

    • nkeda14 April 6, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

      haha Thanks. Hopefully i’ll be able to get it together this friday and do an FFF.

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