Mesh ’em – Science, History, and Writing

11 Apr

I hate to go all science/history geek on you guys, but i have to say that i felt pretty explorer/chemist today, in my writing anyway. I know that doesn’t make much sense but let me explain.

You see me and my mom were having this conversation about people who were smart and artistic, and how rare it is and yatta yatta yatta. I mean how often do you meet someone who is extremely smart and very good at art (I’m not talking B average and can sketch) I’m talking Divinchi, like: “I design rockets, and paint monalisa counterfeits in my spare time”.

Anyway, while we were talking I came to the conclusion that the arts and the sciences just don’t mesh. I don’t know how I came about this conclusion but I did.

Then I started thinking about my writing.

I started plotting and planning… inspiration hit me  harder than a metal bat in the face! I mean there was some serious character/back story discoveries. And I got to thinking that creating good characters/plot almost follows an exact formula! I know this is getting confusing and your probably thinking i’m whacked, but wait! Just continue to read!)

See the difference between an “arts” formula and a “science” formula is that with the arts we don’t know the complete set of ingredients/steps we need to add and follow.

(here is where the history comes in)

Writing is kind of like being an explorer in that we discover our formula as we go. It’s already there. Maybe locked up in our subconscious or somewhere with the Muses, but it’s there the completion of the project already exists the ability to formulate your novel is there you just have to refine it.

I’ve always viewed writing as kind of a complete separate from any of the sciences and such, but it’s not. We draw on everything to create. Having a complete “well-rounded” novel involves us having a set pattern of steps. There are reasons that certain novels are good and others suck. I mean why is Shakespeare good? It’s not because some random crazy slapped a sticker on his play and was like: “okay dude your going to be a famous playwright because I like this, and everyone else must too.”

No! Good stories, good characters, they have simple “bases” in common. They have strong backgrounds, enhanced personalities. They all have magnified and mirrored images of ourselves.

Granted, our “bases” in the arts my be harder to pinpoint, because our formulas seem to vary from person to person, but they all deliver a the same fulfilling experience.

What do you all think does my theory have any ground? Or am I going a little nuts?


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