A Prompt: Better Without Love

1 Jul

Keeping with the past few days, I bring you all yet another prompt. My goal is to do one for every main and secondary character in BTE before I begin draft two. So here is toadys prompt directly from your’s truly.

We all learn lessons as children that stick with us through out our entire lives. What “lesson” or “moral” did your character learn as a child that was very impactful upon them, one that influenced them through out their life? Write a scene in which your character has been taught this lesson or one that demonstrates the lesson they live by.

I’ll be using my character Jedidiah for this one (most often referred to as Jett)

“Our land was, not so long ago, a glorious place. There was peace, and justice, and the order was strong and stood for all the people under the crown that it had sworn to protect.” Mason paced the floor in front of Jett making the floor boards of the dusty old school house creek and pop.

            “And then the peace was shattered. Do you children know what it was destroyed by?” Mason stops pacing, and looks directly at Jett. Jetts eyes flash, trying to remember… he didn’t know. Why was Mason looking at him like that? He wasn’t use to his adoptive father staring at him so.

            “The abandonment of the sword.” Said Evilli, Jett glanced over his should at her, her blonde curls frizzy and wild in the shifting light of the dingy school house. She spoke clearly never struggling for the right word. His best friend had always been like that though, she knew everything, and it never ceased to amaze him that she did.

            “Partially…” Mason hesitates his eyes drifting from Jett to Evilli, “Children I will read for you a piece of the code. The most important one to the Order. The most vital. This was the law that was broken.” Mason picks up a large volume from the wooden desk behind him, flipping through yellowed pages that look like the layers of a fresh pastry, flaky and thin.

            Mason clears his throat, “And it says…’He that has greater affection for father or mother than for me is not worthy of me; and he that has greater affection for any other than for me is not worthy of me. He that finds his soul will lose it, and he that loses his soul for my sake will find it.’” He pauses seeming to feel the weight of words on his tongue, “Children… There is no greater love that you should have than that of your duty. Anyone who crossed this law was to be punished by death along with the person who had caused the great tragedy in the old order. The breaking of this law is what caused the ruin of our land. Today we can not afford to lose you children, but the breaking of this law will surely bring you to ruin should you choose to ignore it…”

Jett scrunched his hands into two small fists under the desk, this was the first time he’d been taught this lesson, at the age of eight, but it would not be the last. He would see it inscribed across archways, and the words would be repeated again and again, until he knew them by heart,  and he would not cross them. Somewhere between these repetitions he realized that it would be much easier to love nothing at all.

And so he gave all his heart to the Sword.

(c) Alexandra Sestito 2011-2012


Sorry for the length of this guys, but I couldn’t stop! Haha 😀 Please feel free to do the prompt yourself, and comment below!


3 Responses to “A Prompt: Better Without Love”

  1. gabriellan July 2, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    I love these prompts you come up with (you can expect to see my response to it tomorrow!). Reading all this stuff makes me super curious about your novel. Well-written, as always! 🙂

    • nkeda14 July 3, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

      Thanks 😀

      Makes me curious too… since, you know, I have no idea what it is turning into right now. LOL

      Glad you like the prompts 😀


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