Whoa! Where Did Ally GO?!

16 Oct

I haven’t posted in over a week! A WEEK! Ugh… sorry I’ve been so gone lately guys, I had to finish an art project that I got commissioned for. I had the canvas for over three weeks, and didn’t even sketch it out until Friday. So, I had a 15-20 hour project to accomplish in three days… No pressure or anything! I literally just finished five minutes ago!

Here it is:

I’m calling it “Wolf Pack In the Briars”. It didn’t come out exactly like I wanted, but it turned out OK.

Sorry about the crazy off again, on again schedule. I’ll be posting tomorrow to make it up to you! have an excellent day all! Talk to you tomorrow; I need to go scrub this paint off my face!

CURRENT MUSIC: Curtain Close by Automatic Love-letter


2 Responses to “Whoa! Where Did Ally GO?!”

  1. Michelle Isenhoff October 18, 2011 at 10:24 pm #


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