November is Heavy

23 Nov

The plethora of things I should be doing right now is piling up around my ears, and screaming at me. I ignore them.

Right now I should be writing my NaNo novel (even though it’s Carolyn’s night to work on it, so I’m resisting the urge). I should be, working on A Light That Shatters, or plotting out my next project… thus far only known as ‘the Mirror Project” (spooky, I know). And, probably, most urgently, I should be editing the manuscript I’ve agreed to critique for a blogger friend. I belive it’s due on the 27th… so that’s what? four… five days… yeah

So, instead of doing all those things what did I do today?

I went shopping (what a waste of time… did I really need another skirt for church? Did I really need more sweat pants for track season?… No.)

I Read Sweetly by Jackson Pearce (… I actually did have to do this! It’s completely enthralling! I had no choice! I swear! Blame Jackson!)

I watched the last episode of GRIMM that I missed (… ugh, this show is amazing, Gosh, why does it have to be so addicting?)

I surfed the web for innumerable amounts of time, looking for “playlist music” for ABLAZE (that is what I told myself anyway. Let’s just say that’s what it was. Makes me feel better.)

All, and all my day was basically a haze of eating the last reserves of my candy corn (God, that stuff is good) and contemplating whether or not I can justify pestering Carolyn one more time via text about whether or not our next plot point should occur before or after Italia gets our of that heat stroke delirium. I just feel like the whole day kind of disintegrated in my hands.

And, so tomorrow, I am locking myself in my  room ALL DAY. I will go up in the morning, get my candy corn reserves, and then firmly plant my butt in my writing chair, and WRITE. Since my father is gone on a business trip, dinner won’t be much of an affair, it’ll just be me, my mother, and sisters. I know, I must sound terribly boring. But, if you were looking for Jersey Shore party time, I would leave this web page immediately and go turn on MTV. Haha!

(Still here?…Good!)

Besides eating ridiculous amounts of food and candy corn, tomorrow will probably just be writing/or editing. Since I have got to finish editing that manuscript. I still have thirty pages to read/add comments to, and then I have to type up an over view letter. Ugh… Why is November feeling so terribly heavy this year?

Have a good Turkey day all!

I’ll be back soon, hopefully with some flash fiction and what not!


5 Responses to “November is Heavy”

  1. lilacandivy November 24, 2011 at 1:05 am #

    Hey-lo, just stopped by to read the blog of a fellow Nano-er. =) What is your current word count? You should put a word count widget up. Although I guess there’s only a week left…
    But I wanted to say I think you are a talented blogger, and a talented writer. I will check back later on to see if you ever publish a book, cause I’ll read it. 😉
    Good luck on reaching the finish line w/ your partner!

    • nkeda14 November 24, 2011 at 10:25 am #

      Oh Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 We are a little more than half way done. (behind I know, but I figure we aren’t doing too terribly bad, this being our first collaboration novel)
      I probably will put a widget up after November for my edits, and my next project though. I just never got around to it. As you can see, I’ve been kind of busy. haha.
      Thank you for the compliment 🙂 I can only hope that you’ll be able to see my novel on the shelves one day!
      Thanks for commenting! Every word is appreciated!

  2. The Elite of Just Alright November 24, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

    *firmly plant my butt

    Not BUT haha

    • nkeda14 November 24, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

      Darn! I knew spell check was wrong! dumb spell check… trust your brain not the machine. Except when your brain is wrong.

      • The Elite of Just Alright November 25, 2011 at 10:47 pm #

        Careful. The machines already are becoming sentinent. DO NOT TRUST SPELL CHECK. ;D

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