To: All My Lovely Readers!

9 Jan

Hello guys! I just wanted to drop by and say hey, because I’ve kind of been absent the past week. Second semester has started and I have some hard classes this winter (including college algebra … ugh *shivers*) so I’ve been occupied doing that along with my first commissioned art piece ever! (There will probably be pictures when it’s done.)

I just wanted to remind you all to ENTER THE FLASH FICTION contest I have running right now! SERIOUSLY GO DO IT NOW! Please! If you do you’ll have a chance to will CLOCKWORK PRINCE by Cassandra Clare, so you should definitely enter to win that awesome novel! You can read about it HERE, and submit your entry to me at BEFORE JANUARY 15th when the contest ENDS!

I hope to be back posting consistently soon, but life is getting pretty busy so hang in there with me while I get myself together guys!

In the mean time enjoy a little music from Ron Pope, who I’m totally lovin’ on right now (metaphorically…of course).

Until next time… Take it over Ron:


One Response to “To: All My Lovely Readers!”

  1. gabriellan January 10, 2012 at 1:04 am #

    I’m just a breath away from finishing my entry, so I’ll be sending it to you tomorrow! Or later today anyway, since it’s midnight. Hopefully you will be blown away 😉

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