Bridgeing the Gap: YA to Adult Literature

17 Aug

YA has become an enormous market for readers. More of one than I think anyone ever expected. But none the less we now have a whole generation of teens who are hooked on YA literature. Not only hooked, but in many ways boxed in by it. Bridgeing the gap between picking up a Young Adult novel and “adult” novel can seem tremendous to some people.

It’s foreign territory, and up until a year ago I was one of those people treading water between YA and Adult trying to figure out where I stood… or ummm…. swam. Anyway I think that this is a big issue with today’s young readers and so I thought I’d help bridge the gap a little.

As I said before I myself was having trouble crossing over. After-all when you read as much YA as I do you get comfortable. You get used to certain types of cover designs, writing styles, and basic plots. You know how to choose books that you’ll like and you know what ones to toss. But, when it comes to Adult literature I was lost. The covers were very… plain with tons of super imposed names and lengthy blurbs. The books were thicker, and the characters older. How was I going to relate? Where was I supposed to start? How would I be able to choose a book when I didn’t recognize any of the authors or see any covers that caught my eye?

So I hesitated, and waited, and procrastinated; until… I YouTubed. Oh my, how I worship book tubers! And that is one way to break into the Adult genre! I myself  started began reading Jasper Fforde’s novel Shades of Grey ( NO NOT FIFTY SHADES OF GREY this is a different book entirely) after hearing a lovely review by one of my favorite book-tubers “The Readables” .  She posted a rave review of it, and I couldn’t help but be curious. Since The Readables does a lot of YA reviews as well I felt comfortable trusting her opinion. So, one way to break into the Adult genre is to join YouTube and follower book-tubers!  Hearing a review by someone who really loved a book can be a lot more motivating than staring at a zillion covers or reading long blurbs. I highly recommend you check out The Readables and other book tubers liker her! (This applies to book blogs too!)

Another way to get into adult literature is to check out more ‘adult YA’ I know I’m contradicting myself a bit here, but what I mean is that you should try getting into YA that deals with heavier topics and has deeper meaning than just a story if you are scared to take the plunge headfirst. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater for instance reads much more closely to an ‘adult’ novel than much of YA. It has an excellent vocabulary and leaves out many of the cliche teeny-bopper frills that a lot of YA has.  Books like Birth Marked  by Caragh O’Brien, In The Path of Falling Objects by Andrew Smith, and Fire by Kiresten Cashore are all excellent crossover literature to check out as well.

Finally if all else fails why not read a bestseller books like The Help, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, and Memories of a Geisha, that become popular motion pictures or international sensations are a good place to start. If nothing else you know that it must be an okay book, or it couldn’t be that popular right? Read a few reviews and then choose the NYT bestseller that you think best fits your taste. if nothing else you’ll have bragging rights and be able to converse intelligently about the books that are buzzing in adult circles!

I hope those of you who haven’t tested the waters in adult literature do so soon, because there are a lot of wonderful books out there in this genre! And for those of you who do read adult literature any recommendations for new comers?


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