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23 Jan

Finally, it’s here! The results of the Winter ‘On Thin Ice’ FF Contest.

It took me awhile to decide on the winner (because there was a lot of great submissions!) Good on all of you who were able to enter, because I really appreciate it, and had so much fun reading your entries! They were awesome, you guys are awesome!

Unfortunately, I could only choose one winner.

And because I don’t want to hold you in suspense any longer….

The winner is…


Yeah Gabrielle! I chose your piece for a ton of reasons, but the main one was the twist! I really liked how the piece started in a very innocent mundane way and turned on its head into something a bit more haunting, and fantasy like!

Our runner-up was RaeAnn and it was a close one! Sorry I can’t give you a prize too. I really liked the direction you took the piece, and the multiple POV was a nice touch (I love multiple POV)! (I’ll have your edits to you soon if you’re reading this).

So, Gabrielle if you are reading this(I hope you are) please email me to confirm your winning, and I will send you your ebook!

Thanks again to all who participated. I hope you will continue to follow Novel Ideas and submit entry’s for our next contest!

PS: I will post Gabrielle’s winning piece with her permission this week. (so if you can give me to go or no on that in the email that would be great!)




Winter FF Contest! Win ClockWork Prince by Cassandra Clare!

15 Dec

With cold days upon us, keeping us all indoors, what is there better to do than write the winter away?

Here, at Novel Ideas, we can’t think of anything better! And that is why, with the support of WovenMyst (an awesome book blog) and it’s administer Hiba, we’re doing a Flash Fiction contest this winter! The contest is called ‘On Thin Ice’ and it’s bound to be heaps of fun.

We’ll be asking our readers, and their friends, family, and even their grumpy neighbors to drop on by either of our sites, find our email, and submit their writing to win an e-reader copy of Cassandra Clare’s new novel “THE CLOCKWORK PRINCE” (Book two of the infernal devices series)!

So, what are the rules for this winter themed writing bananza?

1. You must start your piece with this line:
The ice crackled like fire under my feet…

2. You’re piece cannot be longer than 600 words and no shorter than 300 words.

3. You must submit your piece between the dates of December the 15th (today) and January the 15th 2012 midnight (EST).

4. You must submit your manuscript to the Novel Ideas site email (

I hope you all will participate and help spread the word about our contest! The more people who participate the more often we can have these contest, and prizes for you all! While you think up your genius flash fiction, stop on by WovenMyst to see what Hiba’s up to!

Teasing Tuesdays + GMH blurb

5 Apr

Okay, due to popular demand, (and some slightly naggy emails lol 😀 ) I’ll be posting more of my fiction! Yeah right? XD

As it stands, I’ve only been doing FFF (Flash Fiction Fridays) and if you’ve been reading my blog for the last (oh I don’t know) month then you’ll realize there has been a distinct lack of “Fiction” of “Fridays”. So to switch it up a bit, I’ve decided to post a little blurb from my novel Guard My Heart. Enjoy!

            I had stopped kicking against the irons around my legs hours ago.  We were being taken to the palace, that meant one thing, Acheron. I glared down at my feet the dusty stone floors leaving tracks, as though our ghosts were already roaming the castle halls.

            The draft that wafted through the stone corridors was nothing short of chilling, the dampness wasn’t exactly helping either. I shivered, my black army boots, rather hard to get a hold of in the inner city had been confiscated along with my jacket, hat, and gloves. Anywhere we could hide a detonator had been searched and taken. Leaving my stripped down to my pants and a loose peasant top.

            I shivered as the guards pushed us forward toward barred doors. They pressed a button that sent the gate on the doors slowly rising to reveal chrome panels and bright white lights that shone down from the ceiling. I gasped staring up at the unnatural white light. These were things city kids only dreamed of getting there hands on. The tech of the palace was un parallel and I wasn’t about to deny the fact that under any other circumstance I would of totally snatched those panels, and probably some of the light fixtures, to pawn off on some stupid street urchin who wouldn’t have a clue how to work them.

            The room seemed to grow unsteady I gripped one of the walls as my organs seemed to float inside me. I felt sick. The guard yanked me aback into a standing position.  I glanced back at Jace and Deminee. There eyes cast down. Shame written all over their faces.

            Pathetic, I thought, their last moments will be spent drowning in self-pity.

~Excerpt from Chapter Four of  Guard My Heart

(c) Alexandra Sestito 2011 -2012

Please forgive any errors, this is part of a first draft so… well, you know how it goes right? 😀 Thanks for reading!



Flash Fiction Friday’s #4

21 Jan

 Well I suppose the title says it all, Enjoy!

            There it was again. I pause staring through the dust motes that swirl in front of the music stores windows. Perched on the cement ledge sits a raven. Its Black eyes straining against the glass. Damn thing, It squawks again a muted migraine waiting to happen between me and the glass. It’s been sitting there for the past hour staring blankly into the old store front squeaking into the glass like a broken recorded. I glance back into the storage room, Mr. Sylvanias forty five was back there… I smile at the thought. Imaging the burst of shattering glass and the poof of feathers when I’d pull the trigger. I pause from stacking the music booklets. Staring down at the bird, its glossy eyes creepily on target with mine.

            “Get back to work Sage” Justin says coming out of the back room with a couple of old acoustics. The bird wasn’t the only thing I’d be willing to aim that forty five at. I roll my eyes.

            “Whatever.” I say giving the bird one more hard look as I continue stacking music sheets onto the shelves. I straighten an album as I collapse the box that I’d been pulling the booklets out of.  Justin gives me a side long glance. I growl builds in the back of my throat. Freaking pervert. I couldn’t wait until Mr. Sylvania was back. He was really the only one I could stand in this shop. His son, on the other hand, that was a different story. Justin had had the hot’s for me the moment I walked into the small music store on Queens and he’d made his intentions clear. Smiling that sick slow smile, like honey filled with flies.

            His father would normally be the one in on Friday’s but Mr. Sylvania had come down with the flu so that left me in a confined space with his creepier son for the next four hours, and the Raven. I glance out the window, startled to find it had disappeared.

            I brush back my choppy bangs the hard line across my forehead itching.

            “You know babe,” Justin begins “You’d be so much sexier if you ditched the attitude.”

            I glare at him, “Tell it to someone who cares.” I snap stamping down on the cardboard in the trash can much harder than necessary.

            He smiles slowly, “For you though… I could make an exception.”

            I open my mouth to say something when the bell jingles on the door; Christy walks in, her company t shirt proudly proclaiming Sylvania Music Shop, blonde hair pulled back in a bun.

            “Hey Sage, just came to releave you.” Her snappy blue eyes sparkling up at Justin. Her adoration for him, I’d never understood, but at least it got me out of here. I grab my messenger bag and keys not bothering to address Christy who was already ogling up at Justin.

            “Bye Sweets!” Justin’s annoying call comes over my shoulder. I clutch the metal handle and step out into the streets. The sky gray over head, refracted into the thousands of windows of the distant sky scrapers.

            I stare up into the sky as I walk along the cracking sidewalk. Then I hear it, the penetrating squawk of the Raven. I whip my head around to find it staring down at me form above.  Its dark wing span spread over my head like a shady halo. I grimace; apparently I’d be walking home to its ever so pleasant calls.

Flash Fiction Fridays #3

8 Jan

Here is Flash Fiction for this week! Yeah three in a row! Enjoy:

When I was little I’d going walking in the thicket behind my house. I use to love it. The way the wind rustled in the star shaped maple leaves, the vines that curled around my muddy My Little Pony sneakers. The cartoon horse eyes winking up at me in the sunshine.

I was sitting in the dirt under my tree one day, rubbing my hands in the dirt, the cool soil caking on them. When I saw it, the thin string of silver cutting across my vision, like a little ray of silver sunshine strung between me and the air. I followed it with my eyes, gazing up at the fork in the branches and finding the intricate weavings of a spider web. The silver strings clung lazily to each other. The wind brushed against my cheek whistled against the trees and sent the grass rustling.

At first I thought it was the wind that made it move, the web I mean. The shiver of movement like a ghost plucking the webs threads like harp strings, soundless, ghost harp strings. But when I looked closer I saw the butterfly, its wings beating rapidly, silk fans striking steal cords. It wrestled with the web only entangling itself farther into its wires.

I gasped, the silk wings folding in on their selves, creasing…crumpling. I stood there a helpless seven year old without a clue of what to do. Then the spider came. Black legs plucking its web’s silver threads with expert grace as it traipsed across to the butterfly, and wrapped its spindles around its wings. I watched in horror as it sunk its fangs deep into the golden belly of the butterfly and its creasing wings stopped there flapping like stillness after a storm.

Standing here, at this party, the music pounding into my ear drums, the hot bodies pressing in on me, I stare at Erica and the boy. The dark haired boy, with the butterfly girl in his arms. Crushing her, crumpling her… killing her.

PS: I am looking for writers who want to do a guest post if you are interested leave a comment or go to the Copy Right page above^ and use the email to contact me there. Thanks for reading!

Flash Fiction Fridays #2

31 Dec

Okay people so here is your flash fiction for this week hot and ready! Enjoy!

                I’d been sitting on the bench for nearly an hour now. The maddening flashes of light hurting my eyes. I hadn’t really wanted to come to this year’s “gypsy” carnival. I had never gone before, and if it weren’t for Max, I probably wouldn’t have come this year. I sigh, watching as the masses of people shove up through the narrow aisle of red and yellow booths.

            Oddly though, I wasn’t particularly mad at Max for being- as usual- late. I almost felt safe sitting silently among the herds of hot bodies that pressed along each corner of the fair, their faces changing color dramatically as  the ferrous wheel lights rose and dove above them.

            I close my eyes for a minute breathing into my hands, the smell of popcorn and hotdog grease still penetrating the solid barrier. If she didn’t show up in fifteen minutes I’d just leave. I stand and confront the wall of bodies. I push my way through stumbling over feet. I might as well walk around if Max had decided not to show after all.

            I come to a clear part of the fair, booths sparsely scattered and a few small herds congregate around each. I glance around reading the hand painted signs above each stand, each some quirky pun about the games or sights behind each door. I scan them and my eyes rest on a small black tent, its top scattered with dew drop like lights, painted on its curtain in elaborate crimson script was: “Madam Zealot reads the stars!”

            I shake my head, how people could believe in that kind of thing, I didn’t know. I stare at the tent and realize how odd it is in the midst of all the color and fanfare of the carnival, its ebony curtain so dark that it seems to fade into the surrounding twilight, as if the tent itself is not quite there.

            Suddenly ice grips my arm; I inhale sharply turning around, my heart thundering to see a woman in a dark blue cloak clutching my wrist, “Oh how lovely you are… would a pretty girl like to know who will be her true love?” the woman croons.  Her face is painted so thickly with makeup it seems to distort her actual features, though she can be no older than thirty. Her willowy figure brushes back a strand of my blonde hair, “Come deary, I will tell you your fortune…”  Her icy hand pulls me toward the dark tent.

            “Oh, no thank you, I don’t really believe in that stuff.” I pull my wrist back from her. Her delicate nose crinkles under the layers of concealer, “Come, I will read your palm for free, what is the harm?”  She smiles wickedly; her lips warping into a sort of smug curve.

            I step back, “Really, I’m suppose to meet some friends back at the gate.” I began to turn away.

            “No!” She grabs my wrist, I turn back to see her eyes blazing at me, I swallow uncomfortably, “I mean, no you must, it will only take a moment, I assure you…”

            I glance back toward the way I’d come, the little circle of tents now seeming desolate, “I-I guess, but really it has to be quick.” I look back up at the woman.

She nods seeming satisfied, and leads me toward her tent.

            My father wouldn’t like this, he had never approved of all this mumbo-jumbo and he certainly wouldn’t have given into the woman, but of course that was my father, not me. The quickest way to get back to my friends would be to let the woman have her way and then slip out of her tent as quickly as possible.

            The woman brushes back the heavy curtain, I step into the darkness. Immediately I know something is wrong, the air is heavy with incense, and the blackness of the tent surrounds me like ink. It turn around, inhaling a thick breathe of smoke. I clutch for the curtain only to be confronted with Madame Zealot, “Now, now, deary calm your self.” She grips my wrists, her cold smooth fingers encasing my feeble ones. I pull against her iron grip, “Let me go!” I strain. I flail wildly, as my eyes swim and my breathing deepens. The thick sweet scent in the air making my eyelids drop.

            I scramble for the sliver of light against the dark, the only indication that there is a door out of this blackness I push against the velvet of her robes.

            “Hush now, dear… it will all be over soon.” The voice comes from far away as my limbs get heavy, feeling like I’m running through pudding.

            “Will…” I whisper almost to myself, “Max?” and the world goes black.

Flash Fiction Fridays #1

25 Dec

Yes yes I know it is not friday! I just am a little late on posting this. If it makes you feel a little better I do feel guilty.. sort of. 😀

                In just the right light blood looks black. On that night in December, a brisk wind catching snow in Lea’s hair as the parking lot spread out before her. The blood looked exactly like that, the cover of the dark sky making the blood look like fresh tar pooling on the pavement.

                Perhaps she wouldn’t even have noticed it if it weren’t for the simple fact that she’d been looking down as she walked past, pulling her leather gloves onto her numbing fingers as she walked toward her car. Hoping she hadn’t forgotten her keys in the small front office of the hospital.

                Then she’d seen it, the sheen of it like ink on the black top. She stopped. The sudden familiar smell of rust rising up from it. She glanced around hoping not to find a body bag or a set of bloody tracks. The only thing she was confronted with being a heavy gust of wind sending her coat flying back behind her like a hot air balloon and tousling the curls around her face.

                She glanced behind her seeing the lights of the hospital glowing, a warm kind of comfort. As the snow pricked at her cheeks.

                She looked back down at the ground, and stumbled back, at the sight. Suddenly in front of her, lay a girl her body rocked with spasms. Her white hair coiled in the pooling blood.

                “Help me sister… help us all.” Lea stumbled back another few steps as the girl slowly reached out toward her. Startled, her heart hammering under heavy layers of clothes that had suddenly become too hot she sprinted back toward the hospital, not knowing what the girl meant, but reacting on the training they had been give in the hospital.

                “Help, Medic!” she called. And as she turned her head to glance back at the girl, she stopped dead. The girl was gone.  

Hope you enjoyed it!