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23 Jan

Finally, it’s here! The results of the Winter ‘On Thin Ice’ FF Contest.

It took me awhile to decide on the winner (because there was a lot of great submissions!) Good on all of you who were able to enter, because I really appreciate it, and had so much fun reading your entries! They were awesome, you guys are awesome!

Unfortunately, I could only choose one winner.

And because I don’t want to hold you in suspense any longer….

The winner is…


Yeah Gabrielle! I chose your piece for a ton of reasons, but the main one was the twist! I really liked how the piece started in a very innocent mundane way and turned on its head into something a bit more haunting, and fantasy like!

Our runner-up was RaeAnn and it was a close one! Sorry I can’t give you a prize too. I really liked the direction you took the piece, and the multiple POV was a nice touch (I love multiple POV)! (I’ll have your edits to you soon if you’re reading this).

So, Gabrielle if you are reading this(I hope you are) please email me to confirm your winning, and I will send you your ebook!

Thanks again to all who participated. I hope you will continue to follow Novel Ideas and submit entry’s for our next contest!

PS: I will post Gabrielle’s winning piece with her permission this week. (so if you can give me to go or no on that in the email that would be great!)




Winner RESULTS of Shatter Me GIVE AWAY!

2 Jan

Hey all, as I said yesterday I am now posting the results from my flash fiction contest . I would like to thank everyone who participated in spreading the word about novel ideas and commenting on all the posts throughout the NI awards. I wish I could pick all of you as winners, but unfortunately, there can only be one 😦

So thanks to my sister Tessa for being my random number generator!

She picked 17 (good a number as any I suppose) and so mixing all your names up in a name generator mixer thingy that I found via google I counted to the 17th commenter/linker and I got …


Yeah! Congrats Brigid! send me an email at to confirm that you’ve won and I’ll send the ebook your way.

Once again thanks to all of those who participated in the giveaway! I’m already looking to do another one, but before that can happen I want to get 100 subscribers! So spread the word about Novel Ideas, and get your friends/family/Grumpy neighbors to Follow me here at NI. everybody wins, you get a chance to win free books (This next one will be for a real hardcover or paperback not ebook) and I get followers!

Until then PLEASE take a bit of time out of your day to enter the ON THIN ICE FLASH FICTION CONTEST for a chance to win CLOCKWORK PRINCE BY CASSANDRA CLARE! Ends January 15th!


Novel Idea Awards: Best Blog Series!

26 Dec

Hey, it’s time for the first badge award on Novel Ideas!

My first award is for best blog series of 2011! This was a really hard choice for me, but I finally decided on a series from “Of a Writerly Sort” called “Lessons from the Monster“.

Basically it’s a dissection series where Gabrielle (OAWS admin) dissects her seven part series of novels (which she calls ‘the monster’), and shows us what we can learn from her mistakes.

I chose this series for a lot of reasons, but my main two were these:

1. It’s extremely educational. I learned a lot listening to Gabby dissect her novel scene by scene, or even line by line. I’m a person who learns well being shown things, rather than being told, so having an example right in front of me really let the information sink.

2. It was amazing that she was willing to share her first/second draft material with us! It takes serious guts for me to send off a 5th draft to betas, so sharing unedited portions of a novel with my readers would scare the bageebers out of me! Gabrielle’s bravery definitely paid off, and I really appreciated it!

For both of those reasons, and many others (like the fact that her whole site is amazing for instance!) I am now bestowing the Best Blog Series of 2011 to Gabrielle for “Lessons From the Monster

Here is your badge Gabrielle! Enjoy!

I hope you all check out Gabby’s series, and stay tuned for the next NI award!


Remember to comment on this post and other Novel Idea Award’s posts for a chance to win SHATTER ME!



3 Dec

December is here, and that means 2011 will be over in less than a month! That also means Novel Ideas will have been up and running for full year! In order to celebrate what an amazingly great year 2011 has been for reading, writing, and blogging alike I will be hosting the first ever Novel Idea Awards (NI Awards).

What will these NI awards be you ask?

Basically, they will be a run down of the BEST and WORST of everything writerly or readerly of 2011. I’ll be doing a best books, and worst books, best novel cover, best blogger, most inspirational blogger, Top ten post on NI, and much more. Right HERE in December! And because it is the season of giving there will be Blog Badges awarded (because who doesn’t want a super cool award badge?) and also a giveaway for an e-book version of the much-anticipated Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. (along with a possible giveaway for a flash fiction contest!)

What do you have to do to get in on this give away? Simple. All you have to do is spread the word about Novel Ideas! For every post during the NI awards that you comment on your name will go into the raffle once. For every link you post to Novel Ideas on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc will recieve TWO entries into the raffle! The person who gets chosen out of the raffle will then win Shatter Me which will be provided through NI via email.

For any links you post, I must have a copy of where the link is located (which you can leave below THIS POST!).

I’ll notify any of those who will be receiving badges, so stay on the look out if I follow your blog!

I hope you all continue to follow Novel Ideas this December. Don’t forget to comment so you can be entered into the giveaway which begins today and ends December 31st  Midnight (EST).

Thanks to all my readers who made this year of blogging wonderful! You know who you are!