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Winner RESULTS of Shatter Me GIVE AWAY!

2 Jan

Hey all, as I said yesterday I am now posting the results from my flash fiction contest . I would like to thank everyone who participated in spreading the word about novel ideas and commenting on all the posts throughout the NI awards. I wish I could pick all of you as winners, but unfortunately, there can only be one 😦

So thanks to my sister Tessa for being my random number generator!

She picked 17 (good a number as any I suppose) and so mixing all your names up in a name generator mixer thingy that I found via google I counted to the 17th commenter/linker and I got …


Yeah! Congrats Brigid! send me an email at novelideasblog@gmail.com to confirm that you’ve won and I’ll send the ebook your way.

Once again thanks to all of those who participated in the giveaway! I’m already looking to do another one, but before that can happen I want to get 100 subscribers! So spread the word about Novel Ideas, and get your friends/family/Grumpy neighbors to Follow me here at NI. everybody wins, you get a chance to win free books (This next one will be for a real hardcover or paperback not ebook) and I get followers!

Until then PLEASE take a bit of time out of your day to enter the ON THIN ICE FLASH FICTION CONTEST for a chance to win CLOCKWORK PRINCE BY CASSANDRA CLARE! Ends January 15th!



2011 In Review & 2012 What’s New

1 Jan

I guess it’s that time. Time to consider what it is I’ve done this year.

First let me just thank every one of you that is reading this post, and who have read many others (and who I hope will continue to read my ramblings). Without you, I would be mumbling into the empty space that is the internet, and even though talking to yourself isn’t the worst off you can be, it’s nice to know that you all like to check in now and then and see what I’m up to.

Which brings us to accomplishments (which all of you have contributed to). This year has been my first year of blogging and it’s been amazing! I’ve (miraculously) been able to blog once a week for an entire year! And through that I’ve gained you, my lovely subscribers and followers. Over the course of this year I’ve gained 50 word-press subscribers and another 15 email subscribers, which if you can do simple math means Novel Ideas has 65 subscribers! *Squeals like a little girl*. Sure I don’t think I’ll make top subscription numbers or anything, but for a silly blonde girl running around madly with a laptop, a bag of books, and a dream… well, I think I’ve done pretty well.

And for all my invisible followers (I know some of you in person and I’m sure there are others out there in the web) I encourage you to go click that little subscribe button in the right corner or on the control bar! It would mean a lot to me if it’s not too much trouble.

Besides all these things I have also been doing a lot of new stuff on NI that I’m really proud of! I hosted my first give away this year ( the Shatter Me giveaway if you’ll recall) (whose results will be up tomorrow). I also am still hosting a flash fiction contest that you all are very welcome to participate in (you can find that HERE), and win Clock Work Prince by Cassandra Clare.

Plus, I began doing book reviews. I’ve really enjoyed doing those for y’all, and hope to do a lot more of them in 2012!

Along with the blogging goals I’ve achieved I also managed to do a lot writing wise it 2011. I finished the first draft of The Shadows That Fell (my dystopian nightmare of a manuscript), and started a collaboration novel with my fabulous critique partner Carolyn(called ABLAZE). I also managed to work on my novels CARVE, The Light That Shattered, and UNTITLED (still working on that one, obviously…). I critiqued a betas manuscript (which was über fun and amazing by the way!), and learned a lot from that.

Besides all this I feel like I achieved a lot of personal goals in my life this year (but I won’t go into those).

So with all that behind us what is Novel Ideas, and what am I doing in 2012?

For starters I’m really looking forward to doing some blog series. Last year I began the “Story Weaving on Steroids” and the “How Creative People Think” series,but didn’t have much time to devote to them, but this year I’m really going to focus on writing advice and adding onto those series. That’s good news for you writers, because you will get lots of new material to read!

As I mentioned before, I will also be doing a lot more book reviews this year (you readers will be in good too then!).

I’m also going to start a new blogging series ( a slightly less serious one) called “This is What Writing Looks Like”. It’s going to be a photo series, and I’m hoping you all will like it. Be on the look out for that in the coming months.

For my writing goals I’m planning on writing draft two of The Shadows that Fell and then working on CARVE and UNTITLED. (which I’m sure will have a title by the end of the year). I’m going to be taking a beta reading break, and trying to focus on my own writing, I’m still really excited to see what all my writer friends are going to be up to though.

Finally, my reading goal for this year is going to be 50 books! Ten more than 2011. I’m pretty sure I can reach it. I’ll have the updated sidebar badge over there >>>>>

After I post this so, feel free to take a click and see where I’ll be putting all the titles of the books I’ll read this year!

Over all I think 2011 went really well for me (writerly and otherwise) and I hope it went as well for you all!

Have a great 2012 and I hope you keep coming back to Novel Ideas for more posts and ramblings!

Best Wishes,


I Read – I Reviewed – I Conquered

29 Dec


There are only two days left in December, and so, it’s time to see what exactly I’ve spent my time reading this year, and which books are worth YOUR time to read next year. So I present to you (A NOVEL IDEAS AWARDS segment) The 2011 Book Awards!



Lets start with some pictures. These are the books I read this year (Photos courtesy of GoodReads):

40 books, not ridiculously impressive, but I’m not terribly upset with myself over it.

Anyway onto the awards:

First up:

“The Clever Character Award”

This award is about my favorite character of the year. And this year it happens to be about a smart Alec the guy or gal in the book that you can’t help but balk at. The one you can count on to lighten the dampest mood with sarcasm, the life of the party, they are the one that make you laugh out loud while reading in public, and even though the guy on the subway is staring at you like your manic you can’t stop… Yeah that character. And this year that award goes to:

PUCK from the IRON FEY Series by Julie Kagawa!

I Loved this series, and Puck was my favorite character out of all the wonderful characters in it. Puck via Kagawa got this award because, I swear, every chapter I had something to laugh at from him, and he is possibly one of my favorite characters of all time. One of my favorite Puck Lines:

“Good idea,” Puck echoed from the back of the cave. “Why don’t you take first watch, prince? You could actually be doing something that doesn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out with a spork.”

*Spork! haha… ohh Puck you kill me!*

Next Award!

The “Take A Deep Breath Award”

This Award is for the book that freaked me out the most, or I guess I shouldn’t say ‘freaked me out’, but it’s for the book that was kind of heavy, made me think. You know, the book that after you close the page you feel like you have to take a really deep breath and kind of just collect yourself, because your pretty sure little pieces of your psyche are chipped away in between the pages. Yep… that’s THIS book.

And this year it goes to:

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

This book was probably the ‘heaviest’ (metaphorically speaking) book I’ve read all year. The ending  caused me to read the last page twice, just to make sure what happened actually happened, and after that I just kind of stared at the back cover for a while. It was a really good book, but only if  you’re looking for something serious to read. There are no Pucks to be found here…

Our final award for tonight is:

The “Originally Speaking Award”

This Award is, well, for what I thought was the most ‘original idea’ for the books I’ve read this year. Or I guess I should say original let’s go with the most ‘different’ idea.

And that award is definitely earned by: Maggie Stiefvater in The Scorpio Races!

Maggie’s new book about Killer Water Horses, Love, Racing, and Irish pastries  is definitely a horse of a different color. (Haha- did you get it? Did you get it?!) I got really swept up in Maggie’s vivid world of dark oceans, blood-red beaches, and coal colored horses. I can honestly say I have never read anything like it. Even going into such an odd premise, it wasn’t what I expected, because it’s not really about Killer Water Horses, or Love, or racing, or Irish pastries. It’s also not about Scorpios. It’s about finding out what you want, and what you need, and sometimes those things are the same. Sometimes they are not. Sometimes you don’t get them. Sometimes you do. And, sometimes when you get them it’s not in the way you expect. That’s what it’s really about. Or maybe, I just can’t read… though that seems unlikely…

Anyway, The Scorpio Races was amazing and I highly recommend it!

Part II of the 2011 Book Awards will be out tomorrow, (since this post is already long) until then check out the above books, and tomorrow be ready for some more good, some bad, and some sad.


Remember to comment on this post and other Novel Idea Award’s posts for a chance to win SHATTER ME!

And be sure to enter the ON THIN ICE FLASH FICTION CONTEST for a chance to win CLOCKWORK PRINCE BY CASSANDRA CLARE! Ends January 15th!

Winter FF Contest! Win ClockWork Prince by Cassandra Clare!

15 Dec

With cold days upon us, keeping us all indoors, what is there better to do than write the winter away?

Here, at Novel Ideas, we can’t think of anything better! And that is why, with the support of WovenMyst (an awesome book blog) and it’s administer Hiba, we’re doing a Flash Fiction contest this winter! The contest is called ‘On Thin Ice’ and it’s bound to be heaps of fun.

We’ll be asking our readers, and their friends, family, and even their grumpy neighbors to drop on by either of our sites, find our email, and submit their writing to win an e-reader copy of Cassandra Clare’s new novel “THE CLOCKWORK PRINCE” (Book two of the infernal devices series)!

So, what are the rules for this winter themed writing bananza?

1. You must start your piece with this line:
The ice crackled like fire under my feet…

2. You’re piece cannot be longer than 600 words and no shorter than 300 words.

3. You must submit your piece between the dates of December the 15th (today) and January the 15th 2012 midnight (EST).

4. You must submit your manuscript to the Novel Ideas site email (novelideasblog@gmail.com)

I hope you all will participate and help spread the word about our contest! The more people who participate the more often we can have these contest, and prizes for you all! While you think up your genius flash fiction, stop on by WovenMyst to see what Hiba’s up to!